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Professional Designed Workshop
Gabled Frame Workshop
Light Steel Workshop
Steel Insulated Warehouse
Steel Warehouse
Light Steel Structure Warehouse
Arc Chicken Feeding House
Poultry House with Equipment
Light Steel Structure Chicken House
Steel Frame Broiler Farm
Steel Structure Poultry House
Modern Chicken Farm
Steel Prefab Poultry House
Steel Conveyor Gallery
Steel Structure Gallery
Steel Mining Gallery
Space Frame Roof Building
Steel Space Frame Hall
Space Frame on Heavy Workshop
Pipe Truss Stadium
Pipe Truss Warehouse
Pipe Truss Bridge
Steel Structure Broiler Farm
Steel Aircraft Hangar
Aircraft Hangar with Pipe Truss Roof
Prefab Steel Structure Hangar
Prefab Exihibition Hall
Pre-fabricated Steel Workshop
Airport Link Building
Steel Structure Hangar
Pre-engineered Warehouse
Heavy Steel Structure Plant
Workshop with Cranes
Prefabricated Chicken House
Light Container House
Space Frame and Pipe Truss Exihibition Hall
Steel Commercial Center
steel structure workshop
Portable Steel Structure Hangars
Steel Structure Workshop with Crane
Coal warehouse for power plant
Steel Structure Poultry House
light steel structure shed
Prefab Steel Structure Airplane Hangar
Practical warehouse
Prefab Steel Structure Aircraft Hangar
Great Steel Workshop
Steel Movable Warehouse
Prefab Distribution Center
Prefab Steel Structure Shopping Center
light steel structure workshop
  Shandong Sinoacme Steel Structure Co., LTD lies in Shandong Province, a prosperous industrial base and most advanced province in north of China. Established in the year 2004, Sinoacme has been specializing in the design, fabrication, exporting and installation on varied kinds of steel structures for 13 years. There are 6 production lines for steel fabrication that all consists of advanced equipment in a total plant area of 130,000 square met.... More