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Pipe Truss Warehouse
Class. I:  Space Frame & Pipe Truss
Class. II:  N/A
Publisher:  qingdao
Time:  2014-12-24 22:27:10
Tel:  0086-0532-55579085
Fax:  0086-0532-55579095
Email:  info@sinoacme.com
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Steel Pipe Truss Structure is a new advanced structure developed from space frame. All parts making up a pipe truss structure are steel pipe bars. The pipe bars are connected by the method of welding, having been cut by intersection line cutting machine in advance. The Steel Pipe Truss Structure is widely used in the area of large span public buildings, such as Exhibition Halls, Terminal Buildings, Stadiums, Theaters, Special-shaped Buildings , etc, owing to the following advantages:
1. Lighter in weight when applied as large span structures than most steel structures such as steel gabled structures, steel space frames, steel framework structures, etc.;
2. Aesthetic, as the steel pipe truss structure can be built in almost any shape and there are fewer large hollow joints than space frames;
3. Long service life with a really large span. Steel pipe truss structure can be used for 50 years without maintenance;
4. Economical: lighter weight to save materials, and the stress to supporting columns;
5. Varied use and potential future development.

1. Structure Components: Arc-type steel pipe trusses made of web members and chord members;
2. Column: The trusses are made arc-typed and the end reaches to the groud forming the supporting structure;
3. Beam: The trusses are made arc-typed and the head reaches to the top connected with other trusses forming the beam;
4. Structure Type: Radial Type Steel Pipe Trusses;
5. Steel Frame Material: Q235, Q345, painted or galvanized;
6. Cladding System: Aluminium Curtain Wall (can be glass curtain wall or other available material as per customer's requirement).