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Steel Mining Gallery
Class. I:  Steel Conveyor Galleries
Class. II:  N/A
Publisher:  qingdao
Time:  2014-12-24 22:48:51
Tel:  0086-0532-55579085
Fax:  0086-0532-55579095
Email:  info@sinoacme.com
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Steel structure belt galleries are widely used for mining. They are built to transport the ore between underworkings, ground transportations, open-air stopes and ore treatment mills to support the belt conveyor carrying the ore in horizontal or inclined directions. The steel structure galleries guarantee the sustaining moving of the conveyor and save the cost for maintenance.

Work scope of Forever Steel Structure Co., LTD:
1. Help to design the structure for the steel gallery according to the specific local natural condition at proposed place and the detailed technical data of the project provided by the customer;
2. Offer suggestions on the converting from foreign codes into Chinese Standards (GB);
3. Manufacture the steel parts according to confirmed drawings and pack & ship all the parts to the appointed place;
4. Provide techincal guidance on site for the installation & assembling of the gallery.
Technical parameter of large span steel structure belt conveyor gallery:
1. Steel frame: The chord members of large span coal belt conveyor gallery can be made of steel angles, H beams (welded or hot rolled), steel pipes among which H beam trusses are becoming more and more widely used. 
2. Cladding system: In areas without insulation requirement the cladding sytem can be made of single steel corrugated color sheets. In cold areas cladding systems are usually designed as insulation sandwich panels combined on site. For some underground galleries and ore chunks, no cladding is needed. 
3.  Floor: Floor of coal belt conveyor can be prefab floor deck or poured concrete on site.