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Arc Chicken Feeding House
Class. I:  Poultry Houses
Class. II:  N/A
Publisher:  qingdao
Time:  2015-1-14 15:42:00
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Poultry house, also named as chicken house, is the building put up to protect chickens (broilers and layers) from bad weathers and provide the chickens living space with feeding system, drinking system, waste cleaning and other equipment. Chicken farm owners shall have a clear idea of how many chickens to raise and what kind of chicken to raise before planning the layout of the house. It is also important to consider about the local weather condition as improper layout may cause huge reduction of output when the chickens are living in a bad environment.

Generally the height of poultry houses is between 2.5m-3.5m (at eaves). The width of the poultry houses is decided according to then layout of equipment inside and cannot be too large considering ventilation. Steel structure poultry houses are usually designed with the width of 8-15m. Length is no larger than 120m.

In modern chicken farms, chicken feeding is operated in large scale in an automatic way. A complete set of equipment in a poultry house consists of the following items: Automatic feeding system, automatic nipple drinking system, exhaust fan, evaporative cooling pad, floor for dung leakage, etc..

Equipment List 
Item Material Specification Remarks
Exhaust Fan galvanized steel  50", 36", 24" galvanized 180g/m2, high efficiency
Cooling Pad cellulose or fiber or pvc  T=150, T=100 with insulation, strainer, auto driving controller
Circulating Window PVC 560*270*160 with insulation, birds stopper and auto open system
Spray System electric, PPR pipe 28L/h, 0-100kg/cm2 20-30um water drop, length 3-5m, tempreture can decrease 3-8 degrees.
Auto Drinking System auto doser, filter, meter, main pipe, pressure controller, water level monitor, reinforced pipe, drinking nipple and water cup.
Auto Feeding System feed box, driving motor,feed pipe, auger, sensor and feed pan
Main Stockline System feed silo, weight sensor, location sensor, feed pipe, auger, driving equipment
Environment Control monitor and control the temperature, humidity, feed, water and lighting inside the poultry house.
Alarm System monitor the environment inside of the house.
Heating Equipment auto controlled coal/oil heating stove.