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light steel structure shed
Class. I:  Steel Structure Buildings
Class. II:  Workshop & Warehouse
Publisher:  john
Time:  2015-8-31 16:43:27
Tel:  0086-0532-55579085
Fax:  0086-0532-55579095
Email:  info@sinoacme.com
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Steel structure shed is made of welded or hot rolled H section steel as columns and beams, C section steel as wall purlin and roof purlin. Steel structure shed are more and more widely used all over the world:
1. Environmental friendly
2. Cost efficient and quick to build
3. Long life-span without maintenance up to 50 years
4. Stable and can resist at least 8 grade earthquake
Column: welded H section steel or hot rolled, square tube
Beam: steel roof truss
Bracing:round steel bar
Cladding system:sandwich panel or corrugated steel sheet