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Space Frame and Pipe Truss Exihibition Hall
Class. I:  Space Frame & Pipe Truss
Class. II:  N/A
Publisher:  Ray
Time:  2016-3-18 21:10:02
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Steel Space Frame is an effective and durable structure for both small and large span buildings. Formed by steel pipes welded or bolted together on welded or bolted joint balls, the frame has excellent aseismatic performance and can resist the shock caused by an uneaven settlement of the foundation. When used as large span structure, the steel space frame can adequately exert the strength of steel material and save budgets. The advantage of steel space frame are as follows:
1. Light in weight, especially when applied as large span structures;
2. Excellent stability and aseismatic performance, as the structure bears the load and spreads it to average directions;
3. Long service life. Steel space frame structure can be used for 50 years without maintenance;
4. Economical: lighter weight to save materials, and the stress to supporting columns;
5. Varied use and potential future development.
Steel Space Structure are generally used as public buildings like Gymnasiums, Theaters, or large span industrial buildings like workshops, etc.
Steel Space Structure Gymnasium technical parameters:
1. Roof Structure: Steel Space Frame, connected with welded hollow joint or bolted hollow joint;
2. Column: Steel pipe column or welded H column or lattice column;
3. Span of Structure: 30m-150m, according to customers' requirements;
4. Structure Material: Q235 pipe, Q345 pipe, galvanized or painted;
5. Wall System: Curtain wall or concrete wall, with windows and doors;
6. Roof System: Prefab panels or concrete roof, with floating slab above, if necessary.