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Light Container House
Class. I:  Prefab Houses
Class. II:  N/A
Publisher:  Ethan
Time:  2016-3-28 13:08:36
Tel:  0086-0532-55579085
Fax:  0086-0532-55579095
Email:  info@sinoacme.com
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Container house structure is simple easy to install.It is one construction product which mobile and widely used for real estate development company exhibition hall,product sale showroom,temporary reception center,commercial temporary office,and store and so on.

A, Length= 6000mm, Width= 2330 mm, Height= 2530 mm

B, wind-proof capacity:wind speed 20m/s, resist 8 

grade wind

C, Floor loading capacity:150㎏/㎡

D, Roof loading capacity:60㎏/㎡

E, External wall bearing capacity:50㎏/㎡