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Pre-engineered Warehouse
Class. I:  Steel Structure Buildings
Class. II:  Workshop & Warehouse
Publisher:  Ethan
Time:  2016-5-30 11:04:44
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Fax:  0086-0532-55579095
Email:  info@sinoacme.com
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Light steel structure workshops are made of welded or hot rolled H section steel as columns and beams, C section steel as wall purlin and roof purlin, some of which have overhead crane. Owing to the following advantages, light steel structure workshops are more and more widely used all over the world:

1. Environmental friendly
2. Cost efficient and quick to build
3. Long life-span without maintenance up to 50 years
4. Stable and can resist at least 8 grade earthquake

Note: Here "light" means typical gabled frame steel structure, compared with other frame like heavy steel structure workshops.
The steel structure workshop takes up 13203.2 square meter, has partial second floor. The eave height is 8.5meter, span is 48 meter; drainage slope is 5%.
1.Main steel structure: welded H steel;
2.Purlin:cold-rolled C section steel;
3.Roof panel: color steel sheet with foil insulation;
4.Wall: MU10 brick with M5 mixed mortar below 1.2meter, color steel sheet with foil insulation above 1.2m;
5.Tie bar: round tube;
6.Brace: round steel;
7.Lateral and column bracing: round steel;
8.Knee brace: hot- rolled angle steel;
9.Trims,flashing: color steel sheet;
10.Gutter:color steel sheet;
11.Downpipe: PVC;
12:Door: sandwich panel door;
13: Window: PVC window (single glass)