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Prefab Steel Structure Shopping Center
Class. I:  Steel Structure Buildings
Class. II:  Commercial Building
Publisher:  Ray
Time:  2016-8-27 12:42:57
Tel:  0086-0532-55579085
Fax:  0086-0532-55579095
Email:  info@sinoacme.com
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Steel structure commercial buildings are common seen nowadays in every city all around the world. Using steel structure for the main frame can make the building beautiful in shape and almost any shape can be satisfied. Curtain walls for decoration can be easily assembled on the steel structure parts too. The steel structures have better seismic performance up to anti 8 grade earthquakes.Besides,compared with traditional concrete buildings, steel structures are all prefabricated in house, to save the assembling on site. After more than 50 years' service life, the steel parts can still be recycled.
Building Type: Exihibition Hall;
Cladding: Glass Curtain Wall & Alubond;
Steel Frame: All Steel Structures;
Connection of Frame: Bolt Nodes;
Main Sections: Steel Pipe Members;
Structural Steel Type: Hot Rolled;
Steel Grade: Q235, Q345;
Steel Surface Treatment: 2 Layers Primer Painting or Galvanized, fire protection coating.